Conscious Health Medical Hypnotherapy, LLCThetaHealing® is a meditative, energy technique that can facilitate profound healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. There is increasing recognition in how changing the mind can influence the body to create optimum health and wellness. Scientific evidence, as illustrated by renowned researcher Dr. Candace Pert, identifies how toxic thoughts and emotions can contribute to disease and have a direct bearing upon our health. ThetaHealing® is based in this wisdom, whereby the practitioner identifies these limiting beliefs and blockages through kinesiology or muscle testing. A person can experience a profound shift by transforming maladaptive beliefs into healthy, beneficial ones that optimize wellness.

The ThetaHealing® process involves entering into a meditative “theta” brain wave state, accessing the Seventh plane of Existence, which is the pure energy and wisdom of creation. In this mind state, the practitioner connects her consciousness with the creative force of the Universe, “The Creator of All That Is,” or the “Divine Source,” to co-create with the client’s higher consciousness for healing. It is through co-creation or synergy with the Divine that the practitioner becomes a witness for the client’s healing to manifest.

Conscious Health Medical Hypnotherapy, LLC ThetaHealing® is best known for the “Belief” and “Feeling” Work on four levels; the core belief level, the genetic level, the historic level, and the soul level. Healing can occur through DNA activations, “digging” to identify and release toxic feelings, such as the “3 R’s: Resentments, Regrets and Rejection”, or any number of “emotional traumas” and blockages.  Miraculous healings occur from within this theta state and the connection to the Creator, by instilling and affirming healthy beliefs and feelings through ThetaHealing® downloads.

Certified ThetaHealer

This powerful energy healing technique was channeled through medical intuitive Vianna Stibal in the early 1990s for her own miraculous healing, and has been successfully used worldwide.  Vianna’s personal vision and story can be found on her website:

Individualized ThetaHealing® sessions are offered live and via phone or Skype consultations.